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Monday, March 25, 2013

Dr. Seuss Activities|Dr. Seuss-A-Thon Continues{Oh, The Thinks You Can Think and Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?}

Oh boy! If there were a character limit for post titles, I certainly would have reached it with that one. These are some long titled books! Oh The Thinks You Can Think! and Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? were last week's Dr. Seuss books for the Dr. Seuss-A-Thon. 

My copies are what you  might call "well loved" as you can see above. They're actually my mom's and I'm pretty sure she bought them from the library  in one of those sales with the books that are just too worn for them to keep. But, hey, they're still all there and still readable, so I say we keep using them!

Oh, The Thinks You Can Think! Activities
  • Recreate the front cover: scan the people, print them out, and cut them out (maybe even do this on magnetic paper or attach them to magnets. Print or draw different shapes and have the people walk around and/or in them. You can talk about the directions they're going: up, down, left, right.
  • Create a "think story": the book is all about the things you can think up or imagine. Let your kid's draw their own think story or create one by putting together pictures from magazines. You could even scan pictures from books and print them out.

Did I Ever tell You How Lucky You Are? Activities
Color and/or draw some cactus. Discuss how it would feel to really sit on one...probably not the best idea!

Some of the "unlucky" characters on pages 6-7 are trying to build a bridge. 

Try building a bridge of your own with things around your house. Legos are an obvious choice, but try other things too; books might be a fun option.

This poor little guy on pages 20-21 has his tail all in knots!

Practice making your own knots with yarn or rope. If it's something you don't want to stay knotted up, rope might be the better option. If you're using rope, you could also untie the knots (this would be fairly difficult with yard though).

This fellow on pages 24-25 has endless rows of i's to dot and t's to cross.

Try dotting some i's and cross and crossing some t's of your own.

What a job this guy from pages 26-27 has! All he does is watch bees all day!

Do some bee watching of your own. From a safe distance, watch for bees in your yard or in a local park or garden. One of our local parks has a nice flower garden, so we're going to take a picnic there one day when the flowers starting blooming and keep an eye out for bees. You could do the same with birds. Just be sure that your kids understand how to act around bees, so they don't get stung. 

One of these guys from pages 34-35 is missing his shadow!

Check out some shadows of your own. 
  • Go outside and take a look at how different objects make different shadows.
  • See how shadows change with the sun's movement. Mark or outline a shadow in the morning and then go back later in the day to see where the shadow has moved.
There's so much potential for activities with any Dr. Seuss book. The key is to use your imagination!
This Week's Book

The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories
(we're just going to do the one book since there are several stories in it)

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    1. Thanks, Karla! I've added your party to my list.

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  3. What a good idea. My little boy loves dr seuss too!


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