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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dr. Seuss-A-Thon {The Foot Book}

Funny story. My dad does a funny thing every time he goes on vacation. Well, sometimes, it's just if he has a camera in his hand. He looks down and takes a picture of his feet. Sometimes, I even find a picture of his feet on my camera if I've left it sitting around. Silly guy. I guess he wants to see all the places his feet have been. 

Today's book, The Foot Book, reminded me of this little story. It's all about the different feet you meet. Super cute! And the activities? Well, you don't have to do just activities that are labeled "Dr. Seuss" activities. Any foot activity will do. Here are a few that I found when searching Pinterest:

Dinosaur Tracks from Mom Endeavors

Dr. Seuss Lesson Plans from Homeschool Share

Sensory Feet Fun from Glittering Muffins.

The possibilities on this one are endless! Have your kids try feeling all kinds of things with their feet: shaving cream, water, water beads (like the ones in this post), dried foods (beans, rice, flour), or maybe even some mud if you're feeling adventurous (and can do that outside).

Dino Tracks from See Vanessa Craft

I haven't tried the play dough recipe Vanessa uses, but I really like this recipe from The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle.
You don't have to use just dinosaurs for this activity either. Any toys with feet will work. You could even use your or your kiddos' feet!

The pin above doesn't link to a website, but I think you can get the idea from the picture. Cute, huh? Here are some other dinosaur feet made from cardboard. Both are super fun and cute!

You'd have to be very brave to try this one inside, but I think it would be fun outside.
This pin was originally uploaded by the user and did not link to a website or blog.

Even though this one isn't technically an activity, I just had to share it. It's just the cutest thing! 
Pin originally uploaded by user with no external link.

This last one reminds me of the story I told about my dad. I guess he's on to something!

Here's the quote from the original pin: "A collection of photographs document a British couple's travels over six years by just showing their feet. The series takes on a twist with the addition of a third pair of feet--their daughter." There isn't a link attached to a pin but the photographer's website is in the comments. You can visit it here. There are a lot more of the "feet" pictures. This is such a cool idea! You could try this on your next vacation or maybe even just visit some interesting places around your town and take some pictures. 

Other fun ideas:
Cut sponges in the shapes of feet and sponge paint with them.

Make molds of your kids' feet like we did our son's hands here. You could paint them or leave them plain.

So take a load off your feet, sit down with your kiddos, and read this fun book! 


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