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Friday, February 22, 2013

Make Your Own Vacation Journal {Tutorial}

If you're anything like me, you get home from a vacation and can't remember all those fun little moments or even exactly what you did on each day. Well, when we went to Disneyland back in October of last year, I came up with the solution: this handy dandy Vacation Journal! Now, you could just grab a notebook and use that, but what fun would that be? 

With a little work in a word processing program, you can make one too. It's easy peasy. Here's how:

Start in a word processing program like Microsoft Word. 

Change the page orientation to landscape and format the page so that it is in two columns. Later, you'll cut each page in half, so each column will be a page.

Start making your pages! I started with a cover page. You can search Google Images to find something that represents where you're going. I was lucky enough to find an image that had '2012' in it. Perfect for our 2012 trip to Disneyland! 
Then I added a page for each day of our trip. Again, Google Images was great for this, but I also used a lot of the clip art in MS Word.


Once you're finished designing your pages, print them out and cut them in half to create separate pages. Stack them together in the correct order, so you can bind them together.

To bind my pages, I just used a series of brads.

Be sure to get them nice and flat on the back. A small hammer works really well to flatten them out. Just hammer gently.
If you're concerned about the backs of the brads catching on something, you could glue a piece of paper or card stock to the back to cover them up. I didn't have any issues with them being exposed though.

You're Vacation Journal is all finished. Now head out and start making new memories!

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