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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dr. Seuss-A-Thon {The Tooth Book} With Tooth Activities

Today's book is The Tooth Book. It's a very cute book and a good way to introduce little ones to the idea of their teeth falling out to be replaced by new ones someday. After we read it, my little guy decided that he wanted his new teeth--now. There are still a few years to go on that one, but I'm glad he likes the idea!

There are some cute and fun ideas out there for teeth activities. Check them out!

Everyone brush your teeth together.

Make teeth impressions in something soft (but edible) like bread.

Bite different kinds of foods and check out the different kinds of bite marks. Your bit marks look different in a pieces of bread than they do in something harder like a carrot.

Head to the zoo and try to see as many different kinds of teeth as you can. You could also look through animal books or through some of your kids' toys for this activity.

Look through photo albums and check out everyone's teeth.

Visit the dentist. I know this doesn't sound like a fun activity, but this book may be a good way to introduce and get your kids' warmed up to the idea of the dentist. It'll at least open the door to the conversation about taking care of your teeth, etc.


I'm sharing some of our Dr. Seuss-A-Thon activities via Instagram and Twitter. If you're joining us, I'd love it if you would share too, and use #DrSeussAThon when posting.

If you need a list of the Dr. Seuss books, don't forget to check out this post.

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