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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Household Binder {Part 3} Blog, Etsy, Small Business, Gifts Inventory and Memories

Well, hello there again! How was your Valentine's Day? I hope you got to spend it with those you love. We had a fun Dipping Dinner like they did over at The Gunny Sack back in August 2012. My guys love all things "sauce", so it was a hit.

Ready for the final installment of The Household Binder Series? On Tuesday I shared sections for To Do's & Calendar, Food, and Home Maintenance. On Wednesday it was the Finances, Activities, and Health & Fitness sections. Andy today? Today, we've got quite a list, but each section is fairly short. I'm going to share sections for Blog, Etsy, Gifts Inventory and Memories. Whew! We're almost done!

Let's get this party started!

Be sure to check out Part 1 if you need a list of items you'll need to put your binder together.

Blog Organization
Blog To Do's/Schedule, Ideas, and Notes

It’s the same basic layout as the regular “To Do's” Printable (in Part 1) but has some details specific to blogging. 

Everyone has their own method of doing things, though, so I'm also including a printable with a blank "Daily Items section. You can download the blank version here.

Here's a place for you to write down all those great blogging ideas! 
The download is slightly different (but better!) than the one pictured above.

I also have a printable for taking Notes that you can download here. It's very similar to the one above.

This next section involves something I am not good at when it comes to blogging...planning ahead. I'm hoping having a calendar will help me with this a little.

I just printed the same calendar as I did for the Household Calendar (Part 1). Here’s the link again. 

Etsy Shop
If you have a craft blog, odds are pretty good that you have an Etsy shop too. Though, I'm just trying to get my shopping going, I thought I'd share the printables I'm going to use to help me stay organized.

Inventory, Income, Expenses, and Notes
One of the basic things I learned when getting my Business degree was that a business needs to track income and expenses. If you don't, then you don't know if you're really making any money. 

(slightly different and better than the one pictured above)

(not pictured) 

It's important to have a place to write a quick note or two. You can just thrown in a few sheets of notebook paper or print the Notes printable. 

(slightly different and better than the one pictured above)

Design Ideas
The business part is really important, but it's also important to have a place to write and sketch ideas. I just have some pieces of paper behind this cover sheet.

Small Business Section
This would be a great place to insert a section for your small business (other than Etsy), if you have one. My husband has a small landscaping company, so I have a few items here for his business.

Many of us try to shop for Christmas and birthdays throughout the year, but if you're like me, it's all too easy to forget what you bought  and for who. The solution? 

Create a section in your Household Binder and write it all down, of course! Now, if you have kids that can read or a husband that also uses the binder, you may have to get sneaky about this, so the surprise isn't spoiled. 

This works well to track each person's birthday, what I budgeted for them/what ideas I have, and what I actually spent and bought/made. The Christmas printable is similar but without the date column. You can find links to download all the printables for this section below:

Memories/Things To Remember
I added lots of paper in here to write down fun memories and funny things our little guy says. Kids can be so funny, and I want to remember as much as possible. If nothing else, it could be great blackmail someday!

One fun thing I wrote down recently:

"Mama, my tummy wants food."
"Does that mean you're hungry?"
"My tummy's hungry too."

Oh, how he makes me laugh!

Well, that does it, folks! We're all finished with our Household Binders. How did you do? Get it all together ok? Now for the hard part...we have to remember to use them!

If this is the first post of the Household Binder series you're reading, don't forget to check out




  1. Hi,

    Your household binder is nice and simple! What font do you use? - it's really cute! I use a chevron-themed binder: https://www.etsy.com/listing/127670205/household-binder-printables-home-binder?ref=shop_home_active


  2. I really like how well organized you are, and so generous with your creations! Thank you!


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