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Friday, March 15, 2013

Dr. Seuss-A-Thon {On Beyond Zebra! Activities}

This week's Dr. Seuss book was On Beyond Zebra! I'm not sure how popular this book is (I didn't find much on Pinterest for it), but it's one of my favorites! It's classic silly Dr. Seuss with a bunch of letters that aren't in the regular alphabet. You'll find them if you keep going past the end of the regular alphabet...they're on beyond 'Z is for Zebra'. There are new letters and new creatures to discover "On Beyond Zebra"!

Since there weren't many activities to be found on Pinterest, we thought up our own: "On Beyond Zebra Hopscotch". It's like regular hopscotch, but instead of numbers in each square, we drew the letters and some of the creatures from the book.

A chalk artist I am not, but it sure was fun to try to recreate the letters and creatures!

Once we finished with the drawings and squares, we played!

While we drew, we also talked about what kinds of animals some of the creatures in the book looked like...
The Wumbus, of course, reminds us of a whale (and is actually called a whale in the book).

The Zatz-it reminded us of a giraffe.

Other Ideas:
Take the book to the zoo and try to find similar animals to those in the book. Zoo not your thing? Try searching online or maybe get a book or two with lots of animals from the library (this option is FREE!). 

Try drawing the creatures and letters on paper instead of in hopscotch squares. 

Next Week's Books
Next week we'll be back to two books:


This is where I party:

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  1. Such a cute idea! I always love ideas that encourage fun with reading.
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    I'm loving finding all these great new blogs!
    Beth @ Whole New Leaf


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