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Monday, April 8, 2013

Change of Plans, Folks {But God's Plan Is Revealed}

Oh, how our lives have changed in the last week and a half or so! One unexpected phone call was the start of something new that we didn't see coming, but we're so excited about it now. Before I get to that  phone call, though, I need to back up a little...

Back in January we put our house on the market. It seemed it a good time for us to sell and buy something else with interest rates being so low. We prayed that it would sell if it was God's will. If it didn't sell, we accepted that God must want us to stay in this house. 

Back in February, my husband applied for a new job. It would be great for him with a lot of opportunity for him to advance, AND it was work that he believes he would really enjoy. There's nothing like loving your job, you know? Again, we prayed that he would get the job if it was God's will. 

Fast forward now to about a week and a half ago--the Friday before Easter, Good Friday. We were starting to wonder if our house was going to sell. We had had several showings and some interest but nothing too concrete. Then on that Good Friday, we received a full price offer on our house, and we are closing April 26th! Thank you, Jesus! 

Now we needed to find a house to buy, but there really wasn't anything the the area we wanted. The day after we received the offer we had thought we found one, but it wouldn't work out after all. Maybe the house God had for us just wasn't on the market yet, so we made plans to stay with my parents after we closed on our house while hoping that something would come on the market. 

Then on Tuesday of last week (April 2nd), my husband received that unexpected call I mentioned earlier. It was the company he applied with back in February. They wanted to interview him the very next day. He interviewed Wednesday and was offered a job right on the spot; it seemed that they had almost decided to hire him before he even interviewed! Since he hadn't heard back for so long, we had thought that maybe God had said "no" to that job, but it turns out it was a "not yet"! 

Here's the part we didn't expect, though: the job they offered was in Denver and we live in Colorado Springs. For those of you not familiar, that's roughly 60-70 miles away. We were suddenly so thankful that we hadn't found a house yet! Thankful that what we thought could be THE house didn't work out after all.

So, instead of moving to a different part of Colorado Springs, we are moving 60ish miles away, but it is all working out perfectly (we even found somewhere to live yesterday). We certainly couldn't have planned it this well ourselves.  Now we can see clearly that God's hand has been in this all along. From the timing with our house going under contract to us not being able to find a house to buy, God has been putting this plan together for us. The little pieces have been coming together, and we didn't even realize where they were pointing. 

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Yes, we are a little nervous to be moving from family and everything we've ever known since we were both born and raised in Colorado Springs, but we are also so excited! Now that we can see this part of God's plan for us and how clearly He has laid it out, we know there's something great in store for us. We can't wait to learn new places, make new friends, spend time with my sister and brother-in-law who already live up there, find a new church home, and learn what else God has planned for us!


  1. Very best of luck in your new home...God bless!

  2. Amazing, Wonderful, unbelievable...and soooo happy for you is how I feel as I read of how God has lead your family!


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