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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Activity {Zoo Trip}

Going to the zoo seems like a spring or summer activity, right? Well, even though it's technically still summer by the calendar, Fall is definitely in the air around here. We found out yesterday that this is the perfect time to go to the zoo. The weather is cooler AND there are far fewer people there (everyone's back in school and the schools aren't too many doing field trips yet). We practically had the zoo to ourselves!

And the sights we saw...

This guy was up and around instead of sleeping like many other times that we've been there.

Even though I didn't get the best picture, I still had to share this one as proof that we saw these guys. In all the years that they've had the wolf exhibit at our zoo, I've NEVER seen one. We were really excited to finally see them!

This picture's not the best either, but isn't he adorable? This baby boy gorilla was born August 14th. It's not too common for gorillas to be born in zoos, so he's pretty special. 

These pictures look like I may have taken them in some kind of art gallery, don't they?

Take a closer look...
See him? That's a gecko in there! The building was full of surprises like that. Pretty cool.

I definitely recommend heading to a zoo on a nice day this fall. We had so much fun!

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