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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Little Storm

We had a CRAZY thunder and hail storm this evening. This is what I came home to after work (sorry the pictures are a little dark):
My garden looks like it's covered in snow.

It's not snow though. It's hail...some of it this size:
I'm afraid of what I'm going to find in the morning. We'll see though. Maybe some of it will survive. :-( I'm pretty bummed.

My flowers in the Spray Painted Pots are definitely looking sad. Such a bummer :-(

Well, hope with me that once all the hail melts and the sun comes out again it will look a little better.


  1. Mother Earth must be angry at someone! We had snow just å week ago, I mean real snow, so the lawn was all covered in white when we woke up!! But now the sun is shining and it`s warm and nice summer tempratures ;o)

  2. Crazy! Our house looked like that on Christmas Day last year. Melbourne weather!


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