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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hippo Birthday To You {Boy's Birthday Card}

My little guy has become fascinated with hippos over the last couple of months. They're really not all that exciting, but he thinks they're cool. :-) Soooo, when I was looking through my stamps for a boy birthday card for May (not for my little man but for one of my little cousins), this one jumped out at me. What a cute little hippo!
See? He's adorable!

Want to make your own? Here are a few of the details of the card:

As usual, I started with a base of white card stock which folded in half created a 4.25x5.5 inch card. I cut a large portion of the front corner off at an angle. Then I cute two piece to fit on the front of the card-one slightly shorter than the other with the same angle. 
This part was a bit tricky, but with a little trial and error I got my angles right and layered my papers on the front of the white base.

Then I created the hippo piece. I cut a piece of white card stock just larger than my hippo stamp and then I cut a blue piece of card stock about 1/4 inch wider and taller than that piece. I stamped the hippo and then stamped confetti all around him (yes, I think it's a him) in different, complimentary colors to match the other colors in the card.
I also stamped a party hat, cut it out and attached it above his head. At first I tried just stamping the hat above his head, but it just didn't quite look right. I like how this turned out much better!

I stamp the "Happy Birthday" sentiment on a piece of white card stock just slightly larger than the stamp and then cut the two words a part. To create a border for these pieces, I cut green pieces of card stock 1/4 inch wider and taller than the "Happy" and "Birthday" pieces.

Then I attach them at angles to the front of the card. Cute, huh? I think the angles add a little character to the card.
Finally, to the give the card a little more dimension, I stamp the inner sentiment with confetti all around it which you'll be able to see even with the card closed since that corner it cut off.
And there you have it folks! A "Hippo Birthday" card for that little boy in our life.

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  1. Eekk...that hippo is just too darn cute!


  2. Cute little card! Very clever adding the hat...

  3. So cute!!! I love the layers!
    Thanks for linking with my Super Link Party! :-)


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