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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Picasa Effects

Google's free photo editing program Picasa recently had an update and has some new effects! It looks like they're some of the same effects from Picnik. They're pretty cool and super easy to use. I thought I'd give you a little example of what some of them can do. Here's my original picture of some blooms we came across this Easter.

See the new tab here? The picture on the tab is green.
And here? This other new tab has a blue picture on it.
On the first, green tab here are some of the effects you'll find.
Row 1: Infrared Film on the left and Lomo-ish on the right
Row 2: Holga-ish on the left and HDR-ish on the right
Row 3: Cinemascope on the left and Orton-ish on the right
Row 4: 1960s on the left and Cross Process on the right

On the second, blue tab you'll find several effects including these:
Top Row: Boost on the left and Vignette on the right
Bottom Row: Focal Zoom on the left and Pencil Sketch on the right

There are also a few "frame" options including the Polaroid effect:
I'm looking forward to using some of these effects!

I'm having a blast at these lovely linking parties. 

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