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Monday, November 19, 2012

Pinned It.Tried It. Loved It. {Thanksgiving Edition}

It's been a while since I posted a "Pinned It. Tried It. Loved It.", but I tried a few pins this weekend that I'm dying to share!

If you've been on Pinterest much, I'm sure you've seen these little darling Oreo turkeys. I made some this weekend, and they turned out great! Sara's instructions are just perfect. If you can still hunt down some candy corn (I found mine at the dollar store), you should try making these. They're pretty tasty too!

Source: ohbiteit.com via Erin on Pinterest

Don't these Apple Pie Cookies look to die for? I don't even like apple pie (well, any fruit pie), and I thought they looked good. My husband is crazy about apple pie, so I made them for him. He's not too big on sweets, but he couldn't stop eating them. I'd say they must be pretty yummy! I know they smelled fantastic. I made mine with homemade pie crust, so you can do that too if you don't care for the store bought stuff listed in the original post.

These Pumpkin Pretzels may be a little more for Halloween than Thanksgiving, but since we were at Disneyland for Halloween I didn't get a chance to make them until now. Aren't they cute?

Technically, I'd have to qualify this one as a big "fail" on my part, but I still love the original. I learned a few things I didn't know before: 1) white dipping chocolate can seize 2) liquid food coloring causes white dipping chocolate to seize 3) you have to use a powdered or gel food coloring to dye white dipping chocolate. You learn something new everyday, right? 

Only a couple more days until Thanksgiving! Are you ready? 


  1. Yes! Those apple pie cookies look delish!...They are now pinned to my board and I've got to try them soon!

  2. Every one of those look awesome...I'm heading over to their blogs now to check them out!!


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